EMF/Vibrations Causing Probe Triggering

  • I recently bought a Sunon HA30101V3 30mm fan to replace the larger Noctua NF-A4x10 fan I was using before for weight savings. However, the first time I plugged it in I noticed that the green LED on the smart effector board was on continuously (the probe readout on my paneldue was also 1000 continuously). I lowered the sensitivity to no avail, and then I turned off the machine, unplugged the fan, and turned it back on, and everything went back to normal. Has anybody run into this issue before? I'm pretty sure it's the emf of the fan that is causing this; I tried twisting the wires of the fan together but that didn't work. Any help or tips would be appreciated.

  • After further investigations it seems like the vibration from the fan is actually what's causing the false triggering, not the emf. Anybody know of a good way to dampen vibrations for a 30mm fan?

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    rubber gasket?

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