M569 vs. Flipping wire connectors. General XY confusion (Inverted)

  • My ignorance is showing.

    First, is there any functional difference between changing the S variable in M569 and flipping wires?

    Next, my X and Y are printing in reverse, so if I have a cube with Front, Back, Left, Right, written on the appropriate sides, when it prints, the text is all backwards on both the X and Y.

    Ideally I could reverse the motor directions with M569, and change *Some Setting That May Not Exist Or I Am Not Aware Of" so that I don't have to physically move my endstop switches.

    Is this a thing, or am I forced to make motion platform changes?

    I have another issue but I'll save it because my brain has a slow leak and I need to make baby steps. Thank much.

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    1. First make sure that the coordinate system you are looking to achieve is right-handed. Looking downwards on the printer, the +Y direction must be 90 degrees anticlockwise from the +X direction. Choose an appropriate position to be X=0 Y=0, for example the front left of your build platform with +X to the right and +Y to the rear.

    2. Use either M569 or flip the motor connectors WITH POWER OFF (it doesn't matter which) to get the motors moving in the correct directions when you use the X and Y jog buttons in the web interface.

    3. Look at where your X and Y homing switches are, to see whether they are at the low (X=0 or Y=0) end of each axis, or at the high end (as far in the +X or +Y direction as the head can go), or one of each. Configure your M574 and M208 commands and the homing files to suit the homing switch positions. You may find it easiest to use configtool to generate them for you.

    HTH David

  • Okay I think I have it now. My Y was reversed and my home files were sending the Y axis + rather than _ to go toward the endstop.

    Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.

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