Duet, or Duet and Duex

  • Hi,

    Looking at replacing my ramps. Its a large format printer with build of roughly 800 by 800. I have a titan areo extuder with a volcano nozzle. I am struggling with heating enough filament so want to use a 24v system. ALso want the benefits of wireless printing and a more reliable board

    I want to drive

    1 - X motor
    2 -Y motors
    2 - Z motors
    2 - Extruder motors

    Is the best way to run the dual motors in serial from one port? Or can I drive them all individually using the expansion duex board? If so How do I do this. I checked the configuration tool and I can add extruder motors but not axis. Although adding an extruder I can change the end value to be an axis (I think)

    Thanks in advance

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    The configuration tool supports only the most common configurations. If you edit the config.g file on the SD card (which you can do in the web interface), you can assign multiple motors to axes, create additional axes, and lots more. Much of this is done using the M584 command, see https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode#Section_M584_Set_drive_mapping.

    You can driver dual Y motors in series, in parallel, or individually. Which is best out of series and parallel depends on the motors. Individually is the most flexible, but incurs the additional expense of the DueX.

  • THank you for the rapid response

    I think ill go for the both then, for redundancy and more control.

    Any recommendations on stepper motors

    Currently thinking 0.9 degree, using nema 23 for the y axis and possibly z and then nema 17 for everything else

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    Nema 17 motors are generally smoother than Nema 23. If you do choose Nema 23, pick motors with a rated current between about 2.4A and 2.8A.

    0.9deg motors don't make a significant difference for the axis motors of Cartesian printers. They do make a difference for the tower motors of delta printers, and for ungeared extruders. Possibly for extruders with a low gearing too.

  • @dc42

    Thats brilliant thank you.

  • Had a good read and think I know have the right motors on the way.

    Any recommendations on best methods for extending cables for



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