Bed heater fuse block replacement

  • Hi, I was in the process of print the duet case and something went wrong, I don't know if it is due to a tension spike of overheating but the fuse of the bed shorted out and fused on the block, I couldn't clean it up when it just happened and now it's impossible to remove, therefore I need a new fuse block as a spare part replacement, where can I buy it?0_1553495063886_Wifi_v1.04_above_wb_small-600x300.png

    What should I do in order to avoid it in the future?


  • We use part # MCCQ-122. It's listed by Newark in the US as their part # 08N2503 and by Farnell in the UK under order code 1586595. There should be many similar suitable alternative available as well - just search for Mini Blade Fuse Holder.

  • @roland said in Bed heater fuse block replacement:


    Thanks a lot!!!

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