Board only works when connected to USB

  • Can someone tell me what is wrong and how to fix this?
    When I connect to my new Duet 2 wifi through usb everything works how it should and I can connect wireless to the board on my wifi network (I can only not print while I do not have 24v). I can also see the firmware is installed in the settings tab (see versions below). When I disconnect the usb and plug in the 24v power supply, the board does nothing. Only one led (the middle one of the five led's (LED VIN) is on) When i measure the voltage on the always on fan pins, I measure 24v so I have power on the board bot it does nothing and i can not connect to it.
    I am running:
    Firmware Version 2.03beta2 (2019-02-16b1)
    Wifi server Version 1.21
    Web interface version 1.22.6

  • Check that your 5v jumper is installed correctly, to INT 5V EN . See

  • Thank's that was it. Now it works again.

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