Address More than 9 fans/LEDs w/ Duex5?

  • Hi there, I am working on a custom machine build and chose to use the 6 fan headers on the Duex5 to drive some LEDs (status LEDS for both IDEX extruders and the heated bed, its vanity but looks neat ;)) I was planning to use the heater outputs on the Duex5 to drive a few more fans. But I am running into an issue that I cant address more than 9 fans in the software. Is there a way to leverage the heaters to drive fans if all the fan headers are consumed already?

    I needed to use the Fan headers on the Duex since the LEDs are all setup for 12v applications and I am running a 24v system. My fans are 24v though. Been searching and cant find a clear answer on this.

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    I'll add the facility to create additional fans using unused heater outputs in the next 2.03beta firmware release.

  • @dc42

    Thats awesome, thanks DC42!

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