Bug? Or me? Page System file list snapping to top of page...

  • So ive just noticed that when browsing the system file list in the config, the web page snaps to the top of the page while scrolling down the list.
    Im assuming its happening when the temps update their figures in the main UI up top.

    Is this something in the webpage design? or is this something going on in my browser causing that?

    Is this a bug?

    Does it happen with anyone else?

    Ive not tested it with the gcode file list yet. But ive not filled that list up with anything really... but I can imagine it becoming very tedious while searching for a file through the list only for it to snap back to the top every second or two...

  • administrators

    This happens on some browsers only. There is a setting in the User Interface page that can be changed to avoid it.

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