IR sensor configuration

  • Hello guys,

    I am using IR sensor bought on and they recommended me this for for any help I need regarding this little device. II have Original Prusa i3 MK2 with glass sheet on the bed. I like printing on glass and I want to stick with it.

    IR sensor will detect it, which is great, because now i dont have to put it off the bed before every calibration.
    I have also read that this sensor is much accurate than inductive sensors so I thought that it can measure distance of nozzle from bed much better and therefore I will not have the issue I had before - uneven layer height.

    Because left side is somewhat higher than right side I have very squished line on left side and normal line on right side. Shouldn't the firmware compensate this based on data measured by IR sensor? Those data are more precise than from old PINDA so it should be much better, shouldn't it?

    With IR sensor i got only one advantage - it can detect glass. But I wanted to get rid off uneven first layer.

    Is there any additional configuration I need to do? Firmware version is original Prusa 3.1.0 (

    Thanks for any help.

  • I'm not much of one to speak on the IR sensor. I don't use it because I like to print on glass, and I understand that glass can be difficult to deal with, because it's transparent to IR, which can make it tricky. I've ovten seenthe advise to use a sheet of black paper under the glass to help with this.

    For the unevenness, this seems like a levelling issue. Are you using mesh compensation, or just using it as a Z endstop? If you are using it as mesh compensation, and there's a variance between where it detects one side of the bed and the other, then there must be different environment on each side. I'd try shading the bed from direct light other than the probe and seeing if that helps.

    If you aren't using mesh compensation, then first, try levelling the bed better, so that as little adjustment is needed (I suppose that this should be done regardless.) and I'd probably suggest that you start.

  • Thank for reply. I will try black paper. And yes, I am using is mesh compensation.

  • @mrcrow
    I am using an ir sensor with glass I tried black paper and it didn't work that well, I switched it out for cheap matt vinyl vehicle wrap stuck to the bed then covered with the sheet of glass, that is working a treat.

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