read travel speed and change it for a while

  • Good evening!

    for printing very small parts i need to

    1. add pause between each layer
    2. move head away from the model

    i made a macro and added to slicer (s3d) M98 Pdwell , so it all works fine

    but i want to change travel speed for this "dwell parking move", otherwise it is very slow and i do not want to change print speed.

    please advise how i can temporary change travel speed and reverse it back after dwell. thanks! 🙂

    this is dwell parking macro

    ; layer change pause for small parts
    G60 S0			; save coordinates to slot 0
    G1 Z30			; lift 30 mm 
    G1 X75 Y75 		; go away 
    G4 S3 			; dwell 5 sec 
    G1 R0 X0 Y0 Z30		; return to pause to coordinates from slot 0   Z+30
    G1 R0 X0 Y0 Z0		; return to pause to coordinates from slot 0   000

  • administrators

    You can just add F parameters to the G1 commands in that macro. The original feed rate will be restored automatically when the macro finishes.

  • thank you a lot!

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