M3D Cant resolve . Not recommended.

  • Allow me to qualify the following. My experience with the Duet2 Maestro is amazing. It is a wonderful product and has exceeded my expectations. I wish to convey my disappointment with M3D's business practice, or carelessness? I'm just really not sure. I cant tell if this is a result of unprofessional carelessness, simple mistake, or trying to pull a fast one.

    I received my Duet2 Maestro on 2/16/19 and gleefully started the retrofit on my Ultimaker Original Plus. Somewhere around 3/3/19 I noticed something was not right with fan port 2 when I attempted to use it. Through some simple testing and great support here on the forum I was able to identify the issue as a bad port. I notified M3D of the issue with my credentials. I sent a another request on an alternate support email since there ticket system offers no feedback and on 3/14/19 I was finally contacted by M3D. After some standard back and forth to make sure the issue I had mention was indeed a problem they agreed I should send it in. I wanted to be sure the ordeal was going to be as painless as possible and they assured me it was a 2 to 5 business day process. This seemed reasonable to me so I paid for shipping and sent it via 2 day shipping to cut down time on 3/18/19. As promised M3D contacted me on 3/26/19 and let me know that yes it is indeed faulty and they will be sending me a replacement. "Excellent" I thought then I read the rest of the message. I am to pay for shipping again to have the replacement board sent to me! This is where I started to get a bit irritated. Paying for shipping three times to get a working board is a bit much in my opinion but I wanted issue resolved so I paid and waited. Today 3/29/19 I received the package. The second I removed it from the padded envelope I realized It is the exact same board I originally received and sent for replacement. I went ahead and tested it to be sure. Same issue as before but now there are a few bent pins since it was shipped in a padded envelope with our gentle and understanding US Postal Service.

    So after paying for shipping 3 times costing approximately $30us on the same board with no result and a down printer for 2 weeks i'm a bit disappointed with the results and regretting not going with another distributor like Filastruder or Printed Solid. Doing some poking around on the forum it seems in not the only one with issues with M3D but this is a bit much. Its after hours on Friday so I don't expect any response until next week. I have asked them to send me a replacement with 2 day shipping and a return labels as I don't believe I should be paying any more shipping fees to get this resolved.

  • Hi gencab, just now saw this. I know you didn't buy from us, but if you contact us (Filastruder) using the contact page, we might be able to help.

    Sorry you had a bad experience with M3D, seems you are not alone unfortunately.

  • @elmoret Thank you very much for the offer. I had already seen you and Filastruder help another customer in a bad situation with M3D and was already convinced you guys go above and beyond to help out our community. Hopefully M3D does the right thing and finally sends the promised replacement board but in any case i'm a Filastruder customer from here on out. You folks are awesome thank you!

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