Short to Ground on Driver 0 after PID Tuning of the Hotend

  • Hey Guys, my Duet2 Ethernet is spamming the Error:

    "short-to-ground on Drivers 0
    Over temperature shutdown on Drivers 0"

    The first time this error occurred was during PID Tuning of the Hotend.
    And that makes no sense to me, because the Driver0 drives my X Stepper and this has nothing to do with the PID tuning or am I wrong?

    During the PID tuning, a short sound was heard as if the board was restarting.

    I bought this Board just a few weeks ago from Makerdise and the Makerdisesupport told me to open a Thread in this Forum!

    When I went home from work I will upload Photos from the Board and Driver0.

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    Check the X motor wiring for shorts. Also check whether you get that error message if you disconnect the X motor before powering up.

  • @dc42 i also get the Error if there is no motor connected!

    The Wiring seems to be okay.

    I really dont get it, the day bevore the homing works fine.

  • @dc42 i found the problem, the X Driver looks like it died from overvolting or something like that.
    But i cant figger out how this could happen, cause the Printer was working fine until i tried to do the PID Tuning.

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    Please ask your supplier to replace the Duet under warranty. Highly-stressed components such as stepper driver chips occasionally suffer infant mortality.

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