How to print a file

  • just getting my printer going and cant figure out how to print. no ponterface, just using touch screen or web page. When i download stl files they are recognized by win7 as certificates but are still labeled .stl I though i just had to copy file to printer but when i upload to print, nothing happens. can someone give me a 123 of how to print a file?

  • gotta load the stl into a slicer. Slic3r, cura are popular free options. that's where you enter your layer height, speed, infill, etc. Plenty of tutorials for that. then you export g code. that's what you load to your printer and print.

  • exactly right, i had not converted to g code, was trying to print stl directly. printing ugly test cubes now! 🙂 thanks much!

  • no proble, we all gotta start somewhere. Good luck!. join reddit, they're great over there in 3dprinting to help you improve your prints.


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