Over extrusion with small segment and/or bad retract, need help !

  • Hi,

    I've 2 problem now with my setup (core XY), maybe you can help me to figure out what's happen…

    1 - Hi-res file seem over extruded, i mean long sequence of short segment are over extruded as this picture show :

    It's the baby groot file from thingiverse, body contain lot of segment and the head was supported by a low poly cylinder. There were printed on same plate, and my bed was well levelled. I've to down my extrusion flow to 70 % when they are printing separately.

    2 - Retraction after layer give me a big blob when printing kind of hi-res print, with same setup in S3D, lowpoly file are perfect.
    This is an example of what i get (head zone) :

    I played with retract speed, length, pressure advance, E acceleration…. And i'm lost !
    Files are sliced with S3D.

    Thanks !

  • I find the faulty guy… simply3d ! I spend an half day to figure out what's happen and slir3r did the job perfectly...

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