Does anybody have E steps/mm for E3D's Hobb Goblin?

  • Does anybody have E steps/mm for E3D's Hobb Goblin? Specifically for the 5mm inner diameter version.

    Their support forum is not very active. I am hoping somebody here knows.


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    I don't know it offhand but you may be able to calculate it with this.

    e_steps_per_mm = (motor_steps_per_rev * driver_microstep) * (big_gear_teeth / small_gear_teeth) / (hob_effective_diameter * pi)

    That can get you pretty close even if you're not able to get and exact measurement of the job diameter. Then you can calibrate it the usual way. Calculator sheet

  • I figured out that it's nearly identical to the Bondtech Mini gears, since I completely overhauled an old extruder design (with the Bondtech Minis), used the Hobb Goblin in the new redesign, but never changed the settings, and it printed a calibration cube perfectly.

    For those who find this topic later, the final answer is the effective diameter is 7.28mm

    The teeth of the Hobb Goblin digs way deeper than the Bondtech, which is great for my 2.85mm filament, but it might be even a bit too deep for 1.75mm (only guessing, I can't test this since I don't have 1.75mm filament).

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