Night mode for the smart effector?

  • The lights are great but create moving shadows and keep cats up, which keeps me up at night. And now that I have a nearly silent printer, where all the noise is from the part cooling and hotend fans, I prefer to do long prints at night.

    I'm thinking of cutting traces near the LEDs and routing small wires to an on-off microswitch, to be mounted atop the effector with a bit of glue. This seems like the easiest solution, given that I don't see extra wires. If there were some way to attach a header, that would work well too, and probably at less weight.

    I've got 2x effectors - one for a Volcano and one for a regular E3D - so I wanted to check here for any ideas before making this mod twice. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Here's another possibility. The 12V/24V jumper is in series with the LEDs and bypasses a resistor on the PCB. So if you can remove that resistor then you can connect a switch to the 12/24V jumper pins, with a resistor of around 600 ohms in series with the switch if you are using 24V.

    There are 3 mounting holes on the effector, so you could attach a printed part to mount your switch on. If you use those holes, use nylon washers under any metal screw heads or nuts, to avoid damaging the strain gauge traces.

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