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  • Hello,

    I haven't been able to find this topic on Duet forum (neither reprap) so here I am :

    I have a Raspberry connected via USB to a Duet Ethernet streaming Gcode commands using pronsole SW (or pronterface).

    What I would like to do is to be able to log on a separated file the feedback from the Duet.
    For exemple, when a M114 command is streamed to the Duet, I would like to be able to capture the output position in a file on the RPI to use this data later on.

    The problem I face today is that the USB interface cannot be accessed by an additional listening SW as it is already used by pronterface.

    Does anyone have the begining of a solution for that ?

    Thank you,

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    Would logging some results to a file on the Duet SD card work for you?

  • Hi Phaedrux,

    Unfortunately no because I would need to interrupt the print to be able to read the SD card, here I would like to be able to report the position during the print.
    I forgot but I've already asked a similar question last year and DC42 told me to use the ethernet interface but unfortunatly it's not an option in the current design.
    What I probably need is a way to have a second software listening to the USB interface pronterface is using. I Don't know if this is possible or not


  • Wouldn't the PanelDue port work? It gets position data to display.

  • Yes it could also work from the Panel Due but unfortunately I can only use the USB port.

    I found a solution that could also be helpfull for others so here it is :

    I 've developped a small python script using Pyshark on my Raspberry, it is a wrapper in python for Tshark (wireshark), it reads all packet transmitted via USB, with some filtering on the content of the packet, I am able to detect the answers of M114 commands and collect axis position for my measurements.

    Anyway, thank you for your propositions !

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    Why don't you use the web interface instead? You can upload files to the SD card through it, and while printing them you can get status updates and do control functions using one or more web clients and/or USB.

  • Ok if DC42 says so I will start to reconsider my usb interface 🙂

    I will not be able to use the web interface as the process is automated, is there a way to use this file transfer to the SD card without the web interface ?
    with HTML requests I suppose ?

    Also, the ethernet port of the RPI is already used for internet connexion, is it possible to use a dual ethernet port extension such as the ethernetberry to connect the Duet ?

    Thank you

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