Any update on when DWC login authentication may be available

  • I know its likely a significant change to enable.. but any update on when login authentication to DWC might be coming?

    I have seen discussion around needing to be the highest grade.. but I would be happy with anything.. right now if I open up my router there is no security at all, not even a login prompt to try to dissaude the most basic of users from playing with my printer.. I'd be happy with a simple login authentication prompt, no login no access or preferably view only - even it is done at the lowest standard of security it will be a lot better than none at all!


  • I have a password on mine.

    Maybe not the most secure system, but it does have a login.
    here's the configurator, shows the option to name and enable a password

  • administrators

    If you change the password from the default using M551, you will get a login prompt in DWC.

  • Thanks guys!

    Yup that at least gives me some confidence I can open the port on my router and monitor prints while I'm at work.

    I didn't realise that password would stop DWC from connecting, I think when I was setting up the wiki examples mentioned "currently not in use" so ignored the password setting at the time.

    Is there any update on when a more detailed login control may be implemented in DWC? nothing crazy I'm just thinking fairly basic view only vs ability to stop/start/manage printer.

    Thanks again

  • Perfect timing on this - I thought you couldn't password protect it… wasn't sure what I was going to do for MRRF this year. Putting my printer on with no password would be a bad plan.

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