Got a mosquito hot end but need ideas for a parts fan.

  • It looks quite nice:

    I just printed something with Matterhackers PRO PETG but had some definite heat issues - may lower temperature.

    But for a parts fan, I am not sure what can fit. I don't want to go with a berdair because it is loud. I was thinking about a tusk fan, but that along with all the other options might have trouble fitting.

    What have y'all done?

  • and

    The first is not mine but i didn't find the original source. Apart from the fact that there is a post in the airway of the fan and the duct around the nozzle is pretty thin, its more thought out than the 2nd

    The 2nd is mine, has more space for the air to go through. Ignore the yellow hotend cooling duct, an 30x30 fan will still fit. It attaches to the lower part of the mag ball screws but there is not space left for a nut, so i use rubber band to string it around the corners of the effector. That has actually proven to be a good quick release mechanism for when you want to change nozzle

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