Failed to add SSID to remembered list

  • Whats wrong here ?

    WiFi module is changing mode<LF>
    WiFi reported error: no known networks found<LF>
    WiFi module is idle<LF>
    M587 S"FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390" P"1202678137040714"
    M587: Failed to add SSID to remembered list<LF>
    Error retrieving WiFi status message: bad reply format version<LF>

  • M587

    With no parameters will list all of the remembered networks. There is a limit to the number that the module will remember.

    M588 can be used to forget networks.

    M88 S"*"

    This will forget all of the networks that it has remembered so far.

    M88 S"FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390"

    Will specifically forget the one that you were trying to add, in case it was already in there.

    Also see the notes in the wiki here:

    You have to take the wifi module out of reset first, so the M552 S0 command should precede this.

  • now it works.

    M552 S0 and then M588 S"*"


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