Piezo Plate as tool offset adjuster

  • Hi there,
    As I am at odds with changing nozzles due to the process of "re-adjustment" of the tool offset I got an idea:
    What about using a piezo disc that is laying on the bed to adjust the nozzle offset? The Idea would be:

    1. Probe the height with the typical sensor above the piezo disc (piezo disc not in use)
    2. move the nozzle over the pizeo disc and "probe"
    3. the difference between 1 and 2 is the tool offset.

    This could be implemented as an G-Code like "probe 5 times, take the median" and you could always adjust the offset before every print. (maybe the piezo disc could be mounted on the side or so)

    I think this would be a cool idea especially if you use a tool changer with a fixed probe on the x-carriage like e3d does...?

    What are your thoughts about?

    greetings kuhni

  • administrators

    This is already implemented, as G30 S-2. it works like plain G30 except that when the probe triggers, it adjusts the tool Z offset so that the height at which ot stopped matches the trigger height of the probe.

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