MPCNC dual X and Y axis motors and homing them

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    @moameen said in OOZNest WorkBee, screw driven:

    @catalin_ro I am running an MPCNC with dual x and dual y motors and separate homing switches on each axis so as to allow the machine to self square during homing.

    This thread talks about using the same setup I'm looking into. The OP mentions using the separate homing switches to enable the ability to square the machine after homing, but I can't find details on how to set this up. Does anyone know?

  • @curieos In my first message on the thread that you mention I have detailed how I configured the gantry alignment on the Y axis. I;m going to restart my CNC this week and I will try to make a step-by-step set of instructions for aligning an axis with dual steppers.

  • Ohhhh, looks like the load as you scroll thing messed me up, didn't even realize there was more to it, thanks!

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