"attempting to extrude with no tool selected" while simulating?

  • this is kind of annoying

    0_1554620982348_errors when simulating.fw.png

    simply clicked simulate on one gcode file

    the simulation is still happening though, I can see the numbers change, but the errors never stop coming

    edit: I don't think it is ever going to finish

  • administrators

    You can cancel the simulation by pressing Pause Print and then Cancel.

    The message is telling you that you didn't select a tool before running the simulation, and the GCode file doesn;t select a tool. The same thing will happen if you print the file for real, if you don't select a tool first. If you have only one tool then you can work around it by creating a start/g file in /sys and putting a T0 command in it.

  • I know I didn't select a tool, I just think this is a bad user experience, just a big nono in UI/UX design to flood the screen with identical error messages

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