PanelDue continuously show WiFi not found error if WiFi missing

  • demonstration video:

    simply moved the printer to a new building, so none of the old WiFi networks were available

    PanelDue version 1.22.1, I know it's caused by

    If the printer sends a non-trivial response to the PanelDue and the Control or Print screen is being displayed, the response appears in a popup window. The popup times out after 5 seconds or can be closed manually.

    introduced in v1.22, I see the same message being repeated on the USB connection

    RRF v2.02 if you were wondering

    Please consider a better way of handling this

  • Moderator

    Yeah that's annoying. You can make it stop in the meantime by sending M552 S0 to set the wifi module to idle.

    I think better customization of the popup windows is coming in the next paneldue firmware release.

  • I think the best course of action is to have RRF only output one message, and subsequent identical messages are suppressed.

    This should be a rule of thumb for any system that can possibly generate messages from a function that have automatic retries.

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