Pressed the Erase Button - not booting

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    SAM-BA does work under Windows 10. Does Windows 10 under boot camp show the Bossa Port in Device Manager?

  • Yes, Showing up as COM4 (Bossa Program Port). When I try connecting through the GUI I am getting "Error h_handle returned zero". FYI I am using sam-ba 2.16

  • Update: I think I got it to work. I thought the board was auto-discovered but it was not. Sam-ba returned SET so I am guessing that is the confirmation?

    I pressed the reset button also, but now I can't connect to the board from rep host. I feel like I missed a step. Any idea why it is not getting picked up by USB, after flashing / resetting? Also, it is not showing up in the devices under usb.

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    Did you follow the full procedure listed at ?

  • @dc42

    I followed it. A few times just to make sure that I didn't miss a step etc.

    After flashing, I moved back to the Mac, and then back again back to bootcamp win10. Both are not seeing the device. I have disconnected it. Re-flashed it. I also checked to make sure the .bin was the correct file as I saw in other threads some were downloading a container file. Seems like I have done everything correctly, hoping that it is just something I am missing and not something wrong with the board!!??

  • One Note "On completion it will invite you to lock the region; press Yes."

    I never was prompted to do this? Could this potentially be an issue?

  • I did the compare sent file with memory and getting the following error:

    Sent file & Memory area content (address: 0x400000, size: 265068 bytes) do not match!

    from the log

    loading history file ... 0 events added
    SAM-BA console display active (Tcl8.5.9 / Tk8.5.9)
    (sam-ba_2.16) 1 % 
    (sam-ba_2.16) 1 % compare_file  {Flash} "C:/Users/--/Downloads/DuetWiFiFirmware-1.17e.bin" 0x400000 0
    -I- Temp file : C:/Users/--/.sam-ba.testCompareFile
    -I- Compare File : C:/Users/--/Downloads/DuetWiFiFirmware-1.17e.bin with memory at address : 0x400000 , for 265068 byte(s)
    -I- Read File C:/Users/--/.sam-ba.testCompareFile at address 0x400000
    GENERIC::ReceiveFile C:/Users/--/.sam-ba.testCompareFile : 0x40B6C bytes from address 0x0
    -I- 	Reading: 0x10000 bytes at 0x0 (buffer addr : 0x20002128)
    -I- 	Reading: 0x10000 bytes at 0x10000 (buffer addr : 0x20002128)
    -I- 	Reading: 0x10000 bytes at 0x20000 (buffer addr : 0x20002128)
    -I- 	Reading: 0x10000 bytes at 0x30000 (buffer addr : 0x20002128)
    -I- 	Reading: 0xB6C bytes at 0x40000 (buffer addr : 0x20002128)
    (sam-ba_2.16) 1 % 

    Any thoughts?

  • UPDATE! Somehow, when I was updating before, I didn't get an output or the sector lock. I went back and clicked on "compare file" I never did it because it said "if desired". The above error kept on coming so I looked up some detail on that. For whatever reason, I clicked on "send file"… it worked. Got the output, reset the board and it just connected to repetier. Was it necessary to click on compare file?

  • Alright, well I seem to have hit a wall. I can connect with Repetier but it is giving me "No start signal - forcing start". It then runs a couple GCODES and then get "communication timeout - reset send buffer block". Not really sure what to do next here. It seams that the firmware is updating. Since I pressed erase, do I have to add any other of the firmwares? The server or anything like that?

    I did try uploading the firmware and the server .bin directly through sam-ba with no luck.

  • Hi.

    I believe i had to run it as administrator and in compatibility mode with windows 7 to get it to work on my machine.

  • @Qdeathstar:

    I believe i had to run it as administrator and in compatibility mode with windows 7 to get it to work on my machine.

    Thanks for that tip. This should really be in the docs. I'm not a regular Windows user so I had forgotten about compatibility mode.

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