@t3p3tony Ok agreed on that one, let me share my thoughts on nozzle probing without drifting away from topic.

For me having the nozzle as the probe did not work so well, I had to scrape the build plate before every print, because of tiny drops of plastic left there by the nozzle during probing. Even after a hard retract, there is some amount of molten plastic left stagnant on the inner wall of the nozzle (boundary layer). That thin coat of plastic melts and runs down to the tip while heating for the next print job. So I gave up nozzle probing altogether.

Returning back to topic of active tilt correction, I think the important measurement is of the position of leadscrews with respect to bed coordinates. This data is also the input for M671. If you have that right, and already have both nozzles printing the first layer properly, you should be golden.