Well dc42 I think it was definitely me having slightly larger soldering blobs where I couldn't push them in and even more directly related to me pushing those connectors in "Forcing Them" with a tool of mine and messing up the end part. wish I had done all this with a crimp tool, but I don't have one for it. I had been checking out the barbs that they had engaged. Hey jlegere if you don't have a zprobe like I don't go to config.g file and actually dc42's words on my thread "use P0 in the M558 command in config.g to say that you have no Z probe. At each probe point, the web interface will present some buttons for you to jog the nozzle down until it just touches the bed, then you press OK." hope that helps, you could always turn it back to "p1" after installing your probe with the new part you print..