@oliof Yes it has the ability (it had it back then as well), but if the firmware doesn't keep it deployed it will get retracted (at least after every probe point). On my Duet3 6HC it retracts even as a P5 I need servo commands to keep it deployed.

By the way I experimented with using short dive height, sliding the pin on the heatbed with very good results. Unfortunately sliding the pin on the heatbed will eventually wear it off (how fast depends on surface), so this method is definitely not advised if you want accuracy in the long run (and don'twant to change the pin).

The biggest problem with BLTouch that the pin has an unnecessary >1mm travel until it gets triggered, so @ 1mm probing speed thats 1 sec / touch. It would be nice if we would have a probe with adjustable pin deployment so we could deploy just under the trigger point of the probe and set dive height a bit more than the highest point of the heatbed (compared to Z0)

In this video the probing speed is 1mm/s, but because the dive height is so short it is really rapid.