The FK-1 has done it's first print and it did not go well. I should preface it with the fact that I am still learning a lot of new things, but more so, I did not do any initial calibrations. I had decided quite a while ago that I would be printing a 3DBenchy as my first print because it is a model I am familiar with. So during a live stream, I printed this: Yes, that is a complete and total mess. But the point was for the printer to push filament for the first time. Yesterday during a stream, I attempted another benchy and was having a consistent layer shift in about the same spot every time. I moved away from the benchy and printed a calibration cube and ended up with this: Not the greatest, but not bad. Size wise, it was very, VERY close to 20x20x20. So as a last ditch effort last night, I dialed in a few more slicer settings and upped my X motor current a bit more and printed another benchy. Here is the outcome: Not perfect by any means, but the closest I have to a good print. This has all been on a temporary bed. I am using the leaf out of an Ikea kitchen table until my sheet of MIC-6 aluminum gets here (today.) Once I get it drilled and mounted, I should be able to get it dialed in much better and have more consistent results. Thanks for reading and Print On!