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I’ve build a couple of (mostly CoreXY) and upgraded all of them with duet boards. I love absolutely love them (so much that I convinced the owner of a printer farm to upgrade all his printers).

I’m considering building a new CoreXY printer with IDEX kinematics (this one to be exact: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/005gdoBzZ).

I was wondering if I could also swap the board for a duet? Is there support for CoreYX IDEX printers?

I did find the info page on Cartesian IDEX printers.

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RRF does support various CoreXY IDEX architectures. But the machine you linked to isn't a CoreXY, it's Cartesian. The two X motors move with the Y axis.

A normal IDEX machine needs 6 stepper drivers, or 7 if you want independent drive for dual Z motors. The standard Duet Maestro has 5. There is a 2-driver expansion board, but it's not yet available from Duet3D. It should be available from M3D here https://store.printm3d.com/products/duet-2-maestro-expansion?variant=21198635434062 but it's showing as sold out.

Before choosing the Maestro for this printer I suggest you ask for the specifications of the stepper motors, to make sure that the Maestro can handle the required current.

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