New User. No power to fan and weird hotend temp

  • New user here!

    I just got my Duet 2 wifi powered up, connected to network and wired to my Ender 3. I am seeing a few things that I cannot seem to fix. 1. The Hot end is reading really high temps but it is not on. The hot end power seems to be connected correctly. I have replaced the thermistor in the micro swiss hot end and I think that is plugged in ok. 2. There doesn't seem to be any power going to my hotend fan. It is a Noctua 12v 5015 fan. I have it wired out of one of the always on fan ports on the board, through a buck convertor and out to the fan. Right now all I have is the buck convertor connected so I can adjust the voltage before plugging in the fan.

    I've got to be missing something...any help is appreciated.


  • I found this below, but between that and a detailed connection diagram I am completely lost! There is a post just below mine that has a sketch of what it looks like (God bless whoever did the sketch but it is awful...LOL) Is there a more clear image/drawing that visually explains this? alt text,


    Using 12V fans when VIN is 24V

    Wire the buck regulator input directly to the VIN terminals, and the output to the centre pin of V_FAN1
    Wire the buck regulator positive input to the VIN end of V_FAN, the output to the centre pin of V_FAN, and ground to any power ground connection (possibly the ground side of an always-on fan output)2
    Put a jumper on V_FAN at the VIN end. Wire the buck regulator input to an always-on fan output. Wire the positive wires of 12V fans directly to the buck regulator output, and the negative wires to the FAN- pins of the controlled fan outputs as usual3
    1 all the fans must be 12V and there is no fuse protection

    2 all the fans must be 12V and the input of the buck regulator is protected by the 1A fuse

    3 the connection of a 12V fan is more complicated, but you can use 24V fans as well. The buck regulator input is fuse protected

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