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  • Anyone using NTC 3950 extruder heater and thermistor have a sample config file that they can share. I have been trying to get it set up, looked through forums and manual and it still shows 2000 degrees ( which seems to indicate no heater or a wiring fault). I have followed the wiring guide hardware wise so it seems I am missing something in the config file for firmware. I did find out earlier when having troubles with my Endstops that I needed to have them all connected for any testing to work. Wondering if that is the case here as well - I don’t have a heat bed connected yet. Thanks

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    If you don't have the thermistor connected it would appear to the firmware as an open circuit and therefore show 2000c as it would think the wire is broken and in fault.

    The configurator should supply a thermistor command based on what you selected. Can you post your config.g so we can see what it's using?

    It should look something like this: M305 P0 T100000 B3950 C0 R4700 S"Bed Heater"

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  • @phaedrux My M305 command reads almost exactly the same except I don't have the last portion "Bed Heater" Also my board is a duet maestro do my R number is 2200 according to the docs.

    I did have the extruder thermistor and heater connected. Not anything related to the bed. When I touch the extruder icon, I get the wiring fault error. The heat bed and anything attached to it are not installed yet. I expected the bed to show the wrong temp and wiring fault but am trying to get the extruder stuff configured and tested first.

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    It's possible that you have a broken wire in the thermistor. Can you test it's resistance with a multimeter?

  • I have a few known good thermistors I can check with. Thanks for your help.


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