Writing macro files with PanelDue usability in mind

  • This questions applies to a few macro files that I am using but will use the Leveling one (which probes and prints recommendations for bed screws adjustment) as an example. Once I click on it in the Macros tab, I would like to achieve two things

    1. Avoiding a second unintentional click. This happens to me a few times where two clicks are registered and the (slow) macro runs twice.

    2. Switch the display back to the Control tab as I am done with the Macros tab.

    3. Making sure it appears as one of the 4 marco buttons in the Control tab.

    Is it possible?

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    #1 would I think be best done by using a slower repeat rate in PanelDue for the macro buttons, on the grounds that it's rare to want to run a macro several time sin quick succession. Unfortunately for you I've just done a PanelDue firmware release, so this will have to wait until next time.

    #3 can be done. Macros are ordered alphabetically by the names of the macro files. The first 4 in this order are listed on the Control page. If a macro filename starts with one or more decimal digits followed by underscore, that that part won't show up as part of the name in the list. So prefix the first file you want to show with 1_ and the second with 2_ and so on.

  • Thanks dc42.

    1. The cases where I use macro successively are 'Extrude 5mm' and similar to feed filament. Slowing the repeat rate sounds as a good idea. Another good option may be to ignore new macro clicks while an existing macro is running.

    2. Awesome. I was not aware of this feature. Thanks.

  • @dc42, the numeric prefix trick works very good, thanks. I can see the numbers on the web UI (good) and not on PanelDue (good). Thanks.

    Does it make sense to add similar encodings to control other aspect of the macros experience on the LCD UI? E.g.


    Will also exit the Macros panel once clicked

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