Panel Due Dark Theme 2 issue

  • After being asked to update my Maestro and PaulDue 7i to the latest updates I have found the following issue. PanelDue Fw 1.23.2
    In Dark Theme 2 the homing buttons do not change colour when device is homed.
    Please see below.
    This is not a show stopper for me, but I thought I would mention the issue.

    Light Theme

    Dark Theme 1

    Dark Theme 2

    BR. Paul.

  • administrators

    That's odd. On my printers, in Dark Theme 2 the homing buttons are yellow when the printer is not homed, and dark grey when it is.

  • Before Homing

    After Homing

    My feelings it should be the other way, maybe?

  • administrators

    The colours on PanelDue mimic the colours used in DWC, i.e. a bright colour (yellow or orange) when the axis is not homed, to alert you to that fact.

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