Using Duex to run a second independent print head

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    First off full disclosure I'm new here and I've not yet bought my Duet. Partly this is because I'm rather attached to my arms and legs and this seems to be the going price to get one in Canada. 😉

    My question is about using the Duex to control a second print head. The printer is cartesian with the bed moving in the Y axis and the head in the Z and X. I'd like to experiment with another print head on the gantry, much like the design of the BCN Sigma That would mean another tool that shares the Z and Y but has an independent X. I understand that I can use M584 to set drive mapping on a DUEX board and drive the second head X movements as the U axis. Assuming that is correct I would need to have independent endstops for my U axis which would also be provided by the Duex. The second hot end and extruder would be controlled as normal using the Duet controls. Have I understood this correctly or have I missed something?

    I was getting set to order from GB, because with the tanking Canadian dollar it is more affordable to order from the UK than the US, when I saw there were no more LCD panels. Sigh.

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    That's almost all correct. The Duet WiFi provides 5 endstop connectors, so for the U axis you use the endstop that is labelled E0.

    Have you seen this page ?

    PS - PanelDue control boards are available again, so I expect the Duet3d page will get updated soon.

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    We expect to have them back in stock tomorrow!

  • I had not see that page dc42! That could not be more exactly what I was looking for!

    Thanks for the update Tony, I'll check back for it!

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    They are back in stock now 🙂

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