Moving off the print bed with a delta

  • I'm wondering if increasing the arm length by 10mm would allow me to move my smart effector off the print bed in order to purge filament. Bit of an odd request but I have haydn arms ordered and if increasing by a few mm means I would be able to this it would be great. I get that I would need to edit arm length but does that negatively impact quality or something else?

  • You might lose stability by going longer, but 10 mm is not much.

    What is the diameter of your bed? How long are the arms? What’s the offset from nozzle to effector arm joints? If your arm length+joint offset on effector > bed diameter you should be able to clear the bed, as long as your towers don’t prevent it.

    Model the delta mechanics in fusion 360 and test them.

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    Depending on the geometry of your printer, you might already be able to move the effector outside the bed in some areas. Normally you should avoid the arms being at less than 20 degrees to the horizontal, but for special moves that you can execute at reduced speed and where height is not critical, you could go a little lower than that.

  • Arms that I placed an order for will be 450mm and I will be using the smart effector. Bed size is 370mm with a build volume of 455mm. I'm altering an Anycubic Predator and while I would love to model it in Fusion I imagine it would take a great deal longer for me to figure that out than the few days I have to change my order 🙂 Any chance that info is sufficient in figuring out if it would be problematic?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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