Running both extruders at the same time possibility?

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    I'm trying to build a ceramic extruder style delta printer. I have experience running duetwifis for my corexy builds and find the interface really great. My question right now is that would it be possible to run both extruders, similar to a dual extrusion build, at the same time? The theoretical setup would be to have a stepper run the plunger and another stepper run the auger at the end of the nozzle. The step settings in the duet config file would take care of the right amount of material to extrude but I dont know how I can run both extruders at the same time or if any slicer is able to do the same.

    Any suggestions for a setup like this?


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  • @blackmm87 To elaborate on what @Phaedrux has said, that's how mixing hot ends work. So firstly you would need to define a tool to use both extruders. Something along these lines.

    M563 P0 D0:1 H1 where P is the tool number, D0 is the first extruder and D1 is the second one. Note that this command refers to extruders and not drives. So for example if extruder 0 uses drive 4, then you still refer to it as D0 and not D4. I only mention this because it has caught one or two people out in the past.

    Then as @Phaedrux says, you use M567 to define the mixing ratio. On a mixing hot end, the sum of these ratios would always add up to unity because each extruder pushes a different filament. In your case, I'm guessing that you would want both extruders to run at the same speed so you would use M567 P0 E1.00:1.00.

    Edit. As far as a slicer is concerned, it just needs to select a single tool so there is nothing in the slicer settings to be concerned about.

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    There is another way to run two extruders at the same time. Define a tool with more than one extruder using M563, just as @deckingman describes. Then use multiple E parameters in the G1 command, e.g. G1 E1:2 will feed 1mm through the first extruder and 2mm through the second. But there are currently no slicers that generate GCode commands with more than one extrusion parameter. So although this method may be useful in your own macros, when you want to print GCodes generated by a slicer it's easier to use M567 to define a mix ratio.

  • Hello Everyone,

    Thank you so much for the help! This sounds like exactly what I needed. Will definitely update with the results as I move forward.


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