PanelDue and Duet3d

  • Finally testing my high temperature delta printer, changed all pulley mounts to metal and calibrated machine. Looks a bit rough, but its functional, just waiting for sides to enclose the printer.

    I must say that i am very impressed with the duet3d and paneldue, very easy to setup and calibrate, first prints were excellent.


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    That's a nice looking machine! How high is "high temperature"?

    Are the hexagonal base and top to make it easy to enclose?

  • 400 degrees plus with a chamber temperature of maximum of 80 degrees. The hexagonal shape is based on the design of the delta from 4 years or so ago, i did go on kickstarter to sell them but it was when all the cheap printers were appearing and mine was too expensive, although a very well designed machine. The hexagonal shape will make the the sides easy to manufacture. Tony Lock should remember this machine.

    I will be printing PVDF next week at work with it in a fume cupboard, if it over temperatures to 320 degrees it can release hydrogen fluoride.

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