Can not read file..error 1. Again.

  • @dc42 David, do you have some QC issues with your memory card readers that are on board with DUET2? Second time it happened mid print, material and time wasted. What should I do? Second board in a row, issues again.

    Again I am coming to totally stopped printer with error 1 in DWC. No way to resume even....

    Also shouldn't we at least have an option to retry reading the file in such situation, instead of having to waste everything and start over?

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    If you are running recent firmware (e.g. 2.02) then the firmware already does a number of retries before it gives up.

    In the early days there were occasional QC issues with the soldering of the pins at the back of the SD card connector, but that item is checked explicitly now. But if you are getting these problems frequently and you have already replaced the SD card, then it might be worth inspecting that soldering.

    The M122 report includes the maximum retry count that was needed to get a successful read or write.

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