Duex 5 servo question

  • Question for @dc42,

    I am in the middle of commisioning my custom toolchanger using sg90 servos, after reading the guide for connecting servos you mention this:

    When a servo stops moving, it can pump a large amount of energy into the +5v rail due to regenerative braking. If unchecked, this may increase the voltage of the +5V rail above the safe limit. The 1.04 revision of the Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet has an extra 220uF capacitor on the 5v rail to help absorb this, so does the Duet 2 Maestro. Older Duets don't. So when using servos with them it is advisable to add your own 220uF capacitor between the +5V and ground servo wires.

    Question: Does this count for the Duex5/2?

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    Yes it does, if your Duet is not the 1.04 revision.

  • Thanks for replying David.
    I have a 1.03 board, will add the capacitor as advised on my Duex5 servo outputs.
    Maybe reflect this on the wiki as it wasn't totally clear to me 🙂

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    I have revised that text.

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