Newbie error after changing Extruder and hotend

  • For the last 4 days i have been struggling with a clicking noise from my new extruder. Also had rough layers.
    It is a E3D Titan with bowden and I bought their motor also and while I was at it I upgraded the hotend to the V6.

    What did I do wrong, I shall explain.
    Even though I calibrated the E steps, leveled the bed too many times to count, wrote numerous drafts to post on the forum, lots of failed prints and a shed load or swearing, it eventually clicked, i had missed one step.
    Even the retraction test worked fine with no stringing but there was some clicking.
    In Cura they call it 'Flow', in others i think it is called Extrusion Rate.

    Just because you have your E steps correct does not mean that it will print perfectly.

    Found the 25mm cube I used when I was on Marlin firmware, printed it, took 8 measurements, divided by 8 and gave me my average wall thickness in my case 0.6. My Nozzle dia 0.4 = 0.8 wall and current 'Flow' was 100%
    So 0.8 / 0.87 * 100 = 91%

    Now as opposed to .7 and 0.9 mm walls i am down to .05mm consistantly which has made me happier.

    Put the new setting into Cura and over extrusion, lifting from bed and mainly the swearing has been rectified.

    So hopefully I should be able to print a little faster

    The Link I used was this,
    Look at the readme.txt for the manual.

    I appreciate most of you know this already, but just incase someone is struggling it may help them.

  • @paulhew Is it grinding the filament? On my printer I had to increase the hotend temperature a bit.

  • i had the same thing happen on my bmg. had to reduce to about 90% for the correct accuracy.
    I never worked out where that difference came from between the correct e steps and the resulting flow.

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