Strange extrusion problem

  • For no apparent reason (to me) my printer stopped extruding properly while printing. I changed nozzles twice, deleted config override, loaded a backup config, with no change. Tried known good gcode files and a small cylinder I made and sliced with 2 different slicers. If I manually extrude it works just fine, measured 100mm in 6 permutations of 5mm/s, 10mm/s, 20mm/s, 10mm and 100mm at a time and all were spot on. Before I change the extruder stepper out (which is kinda a pain) is there anything else I should check?

  • Had checksum error on line 6 and line 7 when I connected. Not sure what that meant, but uploaded the firmware again and problem solved. Firmware must have got corrupted somehow.

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