4th Axis Post processor

  • 4th Axis rotary A

    I have just upgraded my controller board to the Duet2 and installed a 4th rotary axis -A
    I’m looking for advise on which is the recommended post processor to use for the 4th axis.
    I currently use Ventric Aspire v8.5 but can’t find any suitable post processor for wrapping
    My router is a CBeam x/l which is similar to the Workbee by open builds.
    For X,Y&Z milling the basic . Gcode post processor seems to work ok with the Duet2
    I would appreciate some help with my pp issue

    Phil T

  • Autodesk Fusion 360 will do 4th axis work. It's free (with limits) and tons of tutorials on it.

  • Many thanks for advise..

    I've down loaded Fusion 360...

    Now to trawl through the training vids


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