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  • Hi,
    I'm considering buying the smart effector (or two) together with a Duett 2 Wi-Fi board and I have a hard time understanding the difference between Thermistor/thermocouple/PT100 sensor options (except maybe price). I know the difference between the technologies in the sensors themselves but not any reason to choose one over the other and if I need to purchase break-out boards or not. Why spend the extra money on the option(s):
    "Genuine e3d V6 kit for 1.75mm filament with PT100 or thermistor can be added, not including the heatsink as that is supplied as standard. (24V available by default)"
    Heatsink not included at all on this one? Does the Z-probe work then?

    The images in the production description shows parts that ship with the Effector? Including the fan with brackets and some temperature probes? The magnetic balls is NOT included, I got that from the highlighted disclaimer but what about the rest? Does it come assembled?

    I'm guessing there should be a "best option"-configuration/choice between Duett board and Effector since both come from the same manufacturer but I have not found this. I found a list of parts included and not (including the fan but not magnetic balls), no temp sensors was mentioned anywhere, confusion is total. List also implies that there are different "kits" (Google links in the remarks are dead, btw).

    Please advise!


    The effector comes with the special e3d heatsink, as that is required for the operation of the effector.

    As an option you can get the rest of the e3d to make a full functioning hotend. Obviously the optional package does not include a heatsink as that is already in the basic package.

    Thermistor: your standard temperature sensor. connects directly to the duet.
    thermocouple/PT100: there need additional boards which are not included.

    Why would it come assembled? That way the heatsink could brake the pcb during transit.

    On the webpage the first 4 images show whats included with the effector.
    the fifth images shows the optional e3d v6.

    i dont know what you mean by best option. A temperature sensors is mentionend in the optional e3d parts. (thermistor or pt100)

  • If you're not going to go above around 280 degrees, you can stick with a thermistor. If you're going to take you hotend any higher than that then you'll want the PT100.
    I just got a smart effector yesterday with the add-on hot end bits.
    As standard you get the board, the heatsink, some adaptors for your towers to adjust to the smart effector 55mm mounting point width and the molex connections.
    If you go for the add-on hot end you also get a heat block, heat break, a 0.4mm nozzle, fan, fan mount, heater cartridge and whichever thermistor/pt100 you choose.
    You don't get a fan or fan mount with either setup, you have to provide your own.

  • A very good explanation of the different type of sensor is at
    Temperature Sensors

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