Duetwifi randomly stops printing

  • So my Duetwifi has developed a super annoying problem where it will randomly stop printing, turn off the hotend and lock the motion platform to the last action, so the hotend will just ooze into the print until it cools down enough to stop extruding, fusing the nozzle to the print. This happens in random parts of different prints, I honestly have no idea what's causing it. Ran fine for weeks, now it's having a problem. Thoughts?

  • Did you check the console for error messages? Send a M122 command?

  • also check to see if there was a heater decouple fault. I had that happen to me. It was a bad connection on the heater

  • I'm rechecking everything today, I did not see an error message last time, I will send an M122 command next time it happens. I think it might be a power supply issue even though I'm using a 350w 24v genuine Meanwell supply. When powered on but at rest, the supply is giving it's normal 24v, but when I power on the bed it drops to 22.5v. Could that be part of the problem? Turning up the voltage doesn't change anything while printing.

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    How much power does the bed take?

  • 24v at 15a, it's an Ultimaker bed. I found out that the stopped print issue was because the hotend temp dropped to below 15 of it's set temperature. I'm almost positive I'm having power issues, because even though the hotend is tuned and normally stays within 3 degrees of it's set mark, sometimes it randomly drops by 15 degrees. I've seen this happen 5 minutes into a print, and 2 hours into the same print after restarting. My bed also takes about 20 minutes to reach 65c, which is as high as I've been able to get it to go. I have the recommended SSR on the way, hoping that sorts everything out.

  • 15a at 24v is 360 watts, that 350w power supply is overloaded and crying for mercy.

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    As elmoret says. With that bed, you should use at least a 450W supply if your printer is single extrusion.

  • I was afraid of that. Ok, I'll order a 450w supply today, thanks for the info!

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