• so finally got time to start wiring up my 500 x 500 3d printer build.
    just started the rudimentary electronics with duet and duet panel
    wow what an awesome screen. what nice plug and play ability.
    now onto motors. getting the motors popping. so far super satisfied with the easiness compared to smoothie and ramps.
    yes, i own and have tested the others…i have to say this may be the cadillac.
    the quality of build is superb.

    thanx for the attention to details


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    I'm glad you like it! When you have everything working, i would be interested to know how the overall experience (hardware, firmware, documentation, support) compared with your experience with smoothie.

    Have fun!

  • i'm hoping to make a video soon. to be fair the smoothie board i have is the MKS Makerbase 1.3. So the level of quality is not the same. the quality of all your products is def miles ahead of other vendors. my only concern is my 18" print will be running of a sep psu 40 amps :P. thanks again

  • Consider using mains voltage heater for a large bed, in a way it's safer. Much smaller wires and smaller currents, you just need to be wary of wires breaking or abrading if it's a moving bed, proper earthing, use of an rcd/ground fault interrupter and a thermal fuse. But my circular 330mm x 6mm tooling plate bed goes from 20 to 120 in 3mins with a 700w heater drawing only 3A from the mains @ 240v so it's way nicer to use than a massive psu and huge wires. There's a reason electric heaters in general are not direct current.

  • i have a sep PSU for my heater bed.

    got the wireless all working great. motors working .
    really cool to control it from the android phone.
    winner winner chicken dinner.

    i just have to figure out out to plug in my bed parameters and height now. im assuming i do that in gonfig.g
    has anyone edited the grahics on their screen?

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    The bed heater circuit on the Duet WiFi is rated at 15A. If your bed heater needs more than that, use a solid state relay. See and

  • i do have ssr and a sep psu i beliee the board is..umm 40 amps…it will be interesting gettinng it working 🙂

  • errr….so what part of the code do i tell the config.g the size of the bed is 500mm x 500 mm

  • @minsk:

    errr….so what part of the code do i tell the config.g the size of the bed is 500mm x 500 mm

    set axis minimum x0 y0

    set axis maximum x500 y500

    Then do that for bed.g, I think(don't have mine on right now.

    If your home location is outside the print bed, you set it as a minus.
    for example, my x homes 25mm past where I can print, so set axis minimum x-25
    That way g code still prints starting at zero, when it's really 25mm past home.

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    errr….so what part of the code do i tell the config.g the size of the bed is 500mm x 500 mm

    In the M208 commands.

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