Are homex/y/z.g files required?

  • Are individual homing for x,y,z required or is it sufficient to use only homeall.g ?

    If they are not required, is it ok to delete homex.g, homey.g, homez.g?

    Motivation: this will simplify the configuration files, especially around common operations such that lifting the head temporarily before homing to avoid the nozzle dragging on the bed.

  • AFAIK missing individual x,y,z homing files will not throw an error unless you try to home just one axis, or if for some reason any axis is not homed after homeall is run

    But surely leaving unused config to their default values is a simpler operation than removing them?

  • they are required for single axis home operations. i.e pressing the button on the web gui.
    or issuing the g code G28 X;

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