How often do you run mesh probing?

  • How often do you run the mesh probing (bed.g)? After tweaking the printer? Periodically? Before every print?

    Currently I run it after tweaking the printer but would like to run it before every print. Only problem is that it's too slow because it probes the entire bed, not just the current object print area.

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    I hardly ever run mesh bed compensation on my delta, because the first layer goes down well without it. My Cartesian printers need very little, just enough to compensate for X axis sag, so I run it rarely. My SCARA needs a lot because the arm sags, also it prints on the desk in front of it which isn't flat; so I run it whenever I move the printer.

  • @zapta said in How often do you run mesh probing?:

    How often do you run the mesh probing (bed.g)?


  • Whenever printer gets moved, i.e. practically never or twice a week.

  • Rarely. Maybe every few months. Such as if I mechanically re-level the bed for some reason, or if there's been a head crash of some kind. I load the saved heightmap in config.g and that's it.

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