The issues has come back...

  • Hi,

    after some time without problems... this morning, has come back.

    1.- this morning I was about to clean the nozzle clogged.
    2.- I have heat nozzle until 240 (I had PTEG loaded)
    3.- When printer has reach temperature.... i unloaded filament with Duet Web Control, in 100 mm at 20mm/s steps
    4.- in the third or fourth step, box fan stop and panel due.... since this moment, i cant access to Duet by URL, and Panel Due its Off. In the board there is some light power on... Attach image..

    0_1557817429540_2019_05_14 Not working.jpg

    What i have to do? What i can try?

  • update....

    i have changed de fuses... 1 was out.... and some problems are solved...

    0_1557831070297_2019_05_14 Fuses 1 out.jpg

    Now i have access to DWC, and can move the printer, bed and nozzle heats, Zprobe works.... but.... dont works fans....

    i have 4 fans:

    -1 Case fan, DONT WORKS

    • 1 Heatskin, when reach the trigger temp, DON'T WORKS
    • 2 layers fans, in these some strange, 1 semms work, but the other no.... Who i know 1 works, when power on duet, these fan spin a few....

    i have changed 2 of 3 fuses of bed... 3 fuse, seems to be ok, and its only for bed. No?

  • administrators

    The 15A fuse (normally blue) is only for the bed. The 1A fuse (green) is for the fans, and the 7.5A fuse (brown) is for the hot end heaters and stepper motors. So if the 7.5A fuse blew, I suggest you check your hot end heater wiring very carefully.

    Does a fan connected to one of the always-on fan connectors run?

  • Hi,

    i have checked the Duet fan sockets.... and good news, they work..... all 5.

    How have checked:

    1- I have mount a Dupont conector in a spare fan.
    2- Power off Duet, and disconect from shockets all fans.
    3- First try this spare fan in alwais on shockets, firts in one, power off and after in second.... all 2 works.
    4- After, i have used similar procedure for layer/gcode fans, only when i power on Duet, i shich on/off fans with DWC.


    All fans shockets works... next step, try fans....

  • Mmmm....

    something is not right ....

    After changing the fuse, for a 2A ... the printer has worked properly ... but it has lasted little .. After two or three restart ... The case fan, it has stopped working again, a spare one that had mounted.

    The novelty ... the Duet board works ... the only thing that has stopped working has been the fan of the box, This time o can access to DWC.

    The theory that I have , is that the 2A fuse is very big, and not proyect enough, but the case has down.

    The question would be.

    If the problem is caused by what protects that fuse ...

    What do they protector the fuses?
    What should I look to find the problem?
    The heating cartridge?

  • administrators

    Are you saying that the 2A fuse has blown too?

  • No.... Its Ok... But case fan dont works now... And when i have changed (the fan)... Worked

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