PanelDue black after crash

  • Good morning,

    I have had a crash with my printer using Duet Ethernet and PanelDue.
    The crash itself did not seem so crazy at first sight.

    But looking into it I found out:

    • BLTouch ripped away and cable 3wire melted to hotend
    • PanelDue black
    • after re-power only blue led (VIN) on and PanelDue still black

    Everything was performing perfectly, and I assume the crash was caused by malfunction of Palette 2 as is spooled all filament out without stopping....well ist stopped as spool was empty and the filament was on desk;-)

    Is there a chance that the board has survived and only fuses are to be replaced?
    Or did this crash kill all?

    Any ideas for further diagnostics?

    I hope someone might give me a hand.


  • the melting prob made the 5v and gnd touch.
    this will short the 5v regulator.
    that is why the paneldue does not light up.

    disconnect all and see if you can get the board to come up with only usb connected to see if more is damaged

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    As @Veti says, disconnect everything and see what LEDs light up on the main board. If it's just the blue one, check the 7.5A fuse. Also check IC U3 for signs of damage.

    You can check the PanelDue by disconnecting it from the Duet and providing it with power through its USB connector.

  • thanks for the fast feedback.

    Is there a way to protect against such failures? It hasn't been the first time for me that the BLTouch was close to the Hot-End...

    Another question.
    In the "how to destroy" guidelines it is stated that +12/24V connected to the 3.3/5V is the way to do harm. How can GND (housing Hot-End) cause the same?
    Are 3.3/5V pins on the connector block not protected against shortage?

    I will check if my Hot-End (E3D) and GND are connected....

    Anyway, I will report my findings

  • Hey guys

    checked everything.

    • Fuses ok
    • External supply via USB and the thing works again
    • no contact of V6 HotEnd towards GND or Plus

    So, why does a short between the 3 wires of BLTouch grill the 5V Supply?


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    Normally, it shouldn't. Is there any sign of damage to U3?

  • Where do I find U3?

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    It's the small square chip close to the 5V_EN jumper.

  • @dc42 OK. And bad signs would be?

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    @hornetrider said in PanelDue black after crash:

    @dc42 OK. And bad signs would be?

    A burn mark or crater on the chip.

  • @dc42 U3 is gone. There is a crater. I have contacted my dealer to find a solution

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