Can't find the correct wiring diagram for a Duet 0.6 board.

  • I'm going to be putting is this old Duet into a Mini Kossel and replacing the smoothieboard.

    It's been a while since I used it, but I cannot find a pinout for the board that isn't showing a 0.8.5 board, even on the wiki.

    I have XYZ E0 heated bed, FSR and PArt fan.

    I think the HE Fan just gets wired to 12v so it's always on, which isn't an issue. Does the part fan get wired to Fan0? Where does the FSR connection go, next to E0 using the E1 set of pins?


  • Thanks, but FSR's aren't a proximity based sensor, and I had it wired up before I just forget how i had it. I didn't know I could wire the 12v to those pins though, so thats a bonus.

  • I think I just found my answer,

    If using JohnSL's trinket board: Connect its Vcc, Output and Ground pins to 3V3, STP and GND respectively on the E0 endstop connector, and select mode 4. Alternatively, connect them to 3.3V, IN and GND on the Z-probe connector and select mode 5.

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